Audioblog 5: 3 concepts of how to (s)elect your future design leader

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In the first concept the CEO of a company elects or selects the Design Leader of a company .In the second concept the different department leaders get together and (s)elect the Design leader whereas in the third concept the Design leader is (s)elected democratically by all design members.

We would love to hear your thoughts on what you think is the best way to choose the right person for the right job. Leave your thoughts below the posts on LinkedIn which can be found in the show notes.

Audioblog 4: Hiring potential vs. experience

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Martin talks about a decision every manager will have to make in their careers at some point. Do you hire someone with a lot of potential or someone who has gathered a lot of experience in his or her business life?

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Every second Wednesday, Martin Groschwald welcomes interesting guests from the design industry to talk about exciting and current topics in transportation design and beyond.

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