EP 68: How Infrastructure and Design shape the Future of our Spaces - moderated by Chris Bangle

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The cityscapes and the environment are changing rapidly. Digital influences and new designs are shaping a new image of a modern metropolis.
This is about exploring how design reacts to these changes and how it affects the vehicles around us. The panel is hosted by BMW Designer Chris Bangle and presented by KONZEPTHAUS GmbH, partner of the IAA Conference.

EP 65: Design Mobility Solutions - moderated by Martin Groschwald

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A modern automobile no longer just gets us from A to B. A wide range of comfort functions, entertainment offerings, communication interfaces and digital services are at the heart of the driving experience. The car has long since matured into an interactive everyday companion. Vehicle designers are paving the way.

About this podcast

Launched in 2018, Gestalten has grown to become the authority podcast on automotive design.

Special guests include industry leaders from the world’s largest manufacturers and mobility design pioneers who are pushing boundaries to shape the future of transportation. Listen to live reviews from the show floors of the world’s biggest auto shows, and learn about the design philosophies and career paths of the industry’s top designers and engineers.

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