EP 08: Shape of EV

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by AJay on
Very interesting perspective of the rut that Car Design appears to be in. Seems like everyone, including yourselves are excited about the possibilities of Self-Driving cars and the freedom they’ll bring to the car interiors to create lounges. However, it’s that transitional creatively for the immediate evolution to battery electric cars that would appear to be a missed opportunity. Although, BMW i8 and i3 were a bold, daring and revolutionary step for Car Design in the EV era, they werent the commercial successes. That’s why its very disheartening to see BMW abandon their “vision” for decked up SUVs. It’s what they represent that offends designers more that the chipmunk face! Unfortunately, SUVs and Cross Overs are here to stay because large groups like VW are going to source large battery sub-assemblies which will be placed under the floor and push cars up in height. We will be seeing more cladding and disguising tricks to visually eat up the mass of these taller cars. So yes! The package is going to continue to be a big excuse for turning that dial. Tall is the new beautiful!

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