EP 41: Design as a Business with Benjamin Nawka

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Benjamin Nawka, Chief Designer at Borgward's German studio in Stuttgart joins Martin in this week's episode to share some insights on how design can impact major business decisions in a positive way, how to run a design studio as a design and how knowing more than just the design department helps you to make better decisions for better products.

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by Superbird_SHA on
I work in a Chinese Manufacturer. It is really rare that someone has a deep understanding of our culture. Many from westerners think they know how it works here. But most don't have an idea. Mr Benjamin apparently really knows how business Design works. My respect. And thanks for sharing.
by Daniel Sjöholm on
Excellent pod with a straightforward discussion about manners in the industry! This is defo my one goto for this kind of knowledge!
by CarStylerPro on
This was a great interview. Learned a lot, also because I may be going to a Chinese company. Thank you!

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