EP 04: Like a Satellite

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In our fourth episode, Eric and Martin share their thoughts on recently released cars, their opinions about vulgar design and discuss the trend of setting up multiple satelite design studios. They also have big news for the future of Gestalten.

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by AJ on
Great Podcast Guys!!! Martin, you need to sort out your microphone or adjust your distance. Satellite Studios! What a poignant topic! Agree with everything you both said but to me there are fundamentally two reasons or justifications for these. The first is being close to manufacturing and the associated suppliers. Carly and other California studios were created when the companies eventually statetd manufacturing in North America and even if the vehicl designs are done in Wolfsburg, a team of professionals got to make it real. The second one is market intelligence. People in Wolfsburg have (I hope) come to realise that the world is culturally diverse and everyone doesn’t want to and won’t want to or can’t for many reasons drive a grey suit Passat. Note: replace Wolfsburg with Baoding or Warren any other factory town you see fit. Finally when you do your episode about applying for a job as a starting designer I hope you would also give a special mention to those designers who do get hired for their creativity, risk takingand conceptual exprssion or story telling as you call it, only to get a job that forces them to join the narrative of the design director, the group, the company... and their first reward for their degree project is a bumper or facelift. Design bosses have got to be less disingenuous about what they’re looking to employ because most of the time they’re actually looking for a new sketch style to illustrate their story and don’t really have the time of energy to allow a yonder more cretive individual to express his/her world view. Give the students a little credit for their survival skills and ability to read the market!

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