EP 31: The Digital Dangerzone

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We are back in with our 16th regular episode to continue where we left off after the LA Auto Show 2019. Join Eric and Martin in their discussion on the unveiled cars at the Guangzhou auto show, the Lamborghini „Lambo V12 Vision Gran Turismo“ and find out what they think about the Tesla Cybertruck.

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by Adam on
So... I just found this podcast and have been listening with interest to the Cybertruck discussion... 1. The analogy of the Cybertruck to the iPhone is fallacious. Big difference? No one thought the iPhone was god-awful ugly. People may have had an issue with "Do I really need this?" but the aesthetic discussion was very different. 2. I don't believe the Cybertruck will somehow enable automakers to do bolder designs. Ironically, the Tesla S and 3 are relatively conventional from a design standpoint--with perhaps proportions enabled thru an EV-specific architecture--and have thus been relatively successful. In contrast, we've seen the RAV4 Hybrid surpass the Prius in sales--perhaps because of the Prius' "science experiment" styling. 3. I think the other misstep made with the Cybertruck is the US focus. Comparable to a full-size heavy duty pickup, it's moderately acceptable in America but totally unacceptable overseas, unlike the other Teslas. I will be interested to see what percent of reservations (at about 1/10 the cost of an iPhone) will actually go through...

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